You might be new to the gym or you can be a “pro” but many people at the gym do not know if they should do their workouts on the machine or use free weights. There are some benefits with working on the machine but at the same time it has its downsides.   There […]


The summer quarter is coming to an end it’s about that time for me to travel back to New York. I have been on business trips and therefore, I have been taking my classes online this summer. It’s always around this time of the year that things get bit difficult but it’s not like I […]

Flexing Biceps

You been working out pretty hard these last month’s but you are realizing that your are not getting the same results as your were getting in the beginning. You start asking yourself if you are doing it right or if something is wrong with you. This is totally normal and this happens to the best […]


During this summer I have been taking my classes online to be able to do my internship with Monticristi. My internship has required me to travel to many places in the world and I love it because I have always been a big fan of traveling and meeting new people. That is also one of […]


A big respect to this guy, his name is Jonathan and he is a 31 year old man whose job is to push grocery carts to the grocery shop every day, while doing his job he also hands out stickers to kids he sees on the parking lot. But what is really amazing about this […]


​ Joshua Williams, Chair, Fashion Marketing & Management      With Labor Day behind us, the fall season is fast approaching. Stores are stocking up on jackets and other fall favorites. It’s a season of layering, to accommodate the shifts between the hot and cold weather. September also marks the beginning of spring fashion for […]


For some people, losing weight must be the toughest challenge. Some people can work out forever and still not see any changes. That is when the diet kicks in to change your life. I used to be like this, I used to eat a lot and workout a lot. I did see changes, a lot […]