Written by Emily Pross Marketing and Communications Student 2016 has been a roller coaster ride so far for many, including myself, especially if you factor in the IDF racing season. This year my skateboard took me a lot further than down the neighborhood street, or across town. I found myself traveling across 9 countries, including Australia, Slovenia, and Norway. To compete […]


Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications student Being a women in a male dominated sport means that you are the minority. At most of the events I go to, there are only about 4 to 8 other female competitors compared to about 100 male ones. In some cases there are a decent amount of women […]


Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications student It’s finally fall, and that means the start of a fresh new semester! Your time management skills might be a little rusty after the summer, unless you took summer classes. In that case, kudos to you for your dedication and determination! Whether you took a semester off or continued your education through […]

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Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of getting interviewed by Joanna Gagis on NJ TV. I’ve never had the opportunity of being interviewed in a TV studio before, and it was a blast getting to experience something totally new. My segment aired a few weeks back, and […]

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Written by Emily Pross, Marketing and Communications Major I took a trip to Europe last month. The first stop was Norway, or as it’s said in Norwegian, “Norge”. Once there, we traveled to Lillehammer for TMI Skate’s IDF World Cup of Skateboarding. The first couple of race days were for practice. Normally we only get one day of practice, and the second […]


By: Berkeley College alumna Vedika Rupee, Marketing Communications Growing up in a third world country is very different from the lifestyle we take advantage of daily. Being able to be a part of an organization like Berkeley College allows you to grow, as they embed the core steps of being a leader in you. Education can empower […]


By Emily Pross, Marketing Communications Major I’ve been traveling abroad in Europe for the last two weeks, on the 2016 International Downhill Federation Euro Tour. So far the trip has been a blast! I’ve been to four countries in the last two weeks, going from Norway to Denmark, down to the Czech Republic then further south to the Austrian Alps. While at the […]