There is no better way then to start this off with the end, the WEEKEND of course. If you guys did not know today and tomorrow; August 25 and 26 is AFROPUNK festival filled with good music and of course Fashion. If you guys have the time you should definitely check it out and of course there will be plenty of photos posted right here if you can’t make it. Down below is a sneak peek Instagram: @_joeyy @AFROPUNK

Afro Punk Fest 2012

If you are either attending the festival or hitting the night life, maybe even both the first thought is not how you are going to get there it’s how are you going to look getting there. Being Fashionable is a must over the weekend. This is the time where you don’t have to dress up for that internship you have and show off that outgoing personality and try some new outfits. Down below is some ideas of what could inspire you to put together over the weekend. If you have any photos of you and ladies/crew feel free to send them, I would love to post them. models:

Instagram @imanijordan @tinaabeenaa @chase_yadreams

Fashion Outfit Night Out

Fashion Outfit Night Out

Fashion Outfit Night Out

Fashion Outfit Night Out

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I am Berkeley College senior with a crave and business interest in Social Media, Marketing and Advertising.




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