Okay guys like I promised I am here to recap the weekend at AFROPUNK. Best way to describe the event is through one word AMAZING. When I first stepped into the festival i was already overwhelmed by the amount of people walking along the street headed to the festival and the line just to get in was around and down the block. Speechless. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was intense fashion was all around. From the AFROPUNK volunteers to the crowd everyone was unique and expressed it through what they wore. This festival encouraged everyone to be themselves, the best part about this festival were the people who attended the festival.

As I walked around and embraced the atmosphere, I had the pleasure of taking photos of some great outfits and people. The fashion was very unique, a lot of women were wearing Maxi skirts, high wasted pants, and color was key not only in what they wore but their makeup and hair as well. For the guys being flashy was the attire, they wore a lot of patterns as well and mixing patterns was a must. From head to toe this crowd embraced what fashion meant to them. Down below are photos of fellow AFROPUNK attendees. If you missed it this year, I hope to see you next year.

Afro Punk FestivalAfro Punk Festival

Afro Punk Festival


So I have to interrupt, your browsing to introduce these next photos!!!!!  First photo was an honor to be accompanied by the amazingly talented and beautiful twins COCOANDBREEZY!!!!!  Yes, Yes I had the pleasure of meeting these two talented and well known twins. These talented twins are from Minnesota and created their own line Sunglasses and have branched out to other designs such as apparel and other accessories. To check out more of their work here’s their website WWW.COCOANDBREEZY.COM Instagram and Twitter: @COCOANDBREEZY

Afro Punk Festival CoCo and Breezy

Promo: So after meeting COCOANDBREEZY I checked out a few of the booths and ended up right in front of a up and coming designer, SHAWNG Originals. This talented designer took plain sneakers and added a new touch. She even had the pleasure for designing a pair for the great Lupe Fiasco. For all you sneaker heads she is a definite contact. Check out her website WWW.SHAWNGORIGINALS.COM

Afro Punk Festival

Afro Punk Festival

Afro Punk Festival

Afro Punk Festival

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