Fashion Night Out: Our Runway

The lights were set (streetlights that is), cameras flashing and a packed out audience (streets filled with people) waited for you to put on your best and head to Fashion Night Out.

The night was filled with colors, prints, heels, and even some spikes, you name it the street fashion society wore it and were ready to lay it all out on the runway. Stores such as Forever 21 and H&M made sure to bring you your background music with Dj’s spinning all night.

Fashion Night Out HM

The dress code for the night was to stand out, which is exactly what everyone who attended planned to do.

Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out

For the breakdown of what to wear:

  • Definitely do not be afraid to mix patterns and colors.
  • Ombre hair is still in as well as colored hair (I am talking about the Blues –Pinks)
  • Black is still the go to shade when it comes to completing your look. Plus it always makes you look good for some reason.
  • Wearing spikes does not make you Goth this season it is the go to edgy look with a hint of class.
  • Arm accessories have no limit you are officially allowed to wear all your favorite arm candy at one time.
Fashion Night OutFashion Night OutFashion Night Out

Always remember to look your best and of course self expression.

Start and end your fashion week looking your best.

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