October 8, 2012

Stand Up

Are you a student?

 If you answered yes then this is all the reason you need to pay attention to the election.  Although you might have not voted before it is not to late to get out and make a difference this election. The most common excuse “My vote doesn’t count” is false because it does, you have the power to voice your opinion and be apart of change.

Reasons To Vote:

Being a student puts you in the Education Demographic, which means anything that happens in that area involves you. Higher interest rates on loans, raising price of tuitions and cutting federal funds towards education does affect your future. These are just two reasons to get you thinking about voting, to get more of a push to vote we encourage you to do your research:


Internet basic search

Your school

Tuning in to local news


Your vote does count and you have a chance to make a difference your not just a number your being apart of change.


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