Halloween 2013 in NYC

Hey everyone! You can all feel free to go out wearing regular outfits now. Halloween is finally over! It’s been a long week of Halloween celebrations, since it was awkwardly on a Thursday, giving people freedom to celebrate it any day of the week, the weekend before or the weekend after.

Halloween Parade - West Village

This year’s Halloween parade was double special in NY, since last year it had to be canceled because of hurricane Sandy. This time it was a big success and here I’m showing some of the best pictures I found thanks to the Huffington Post coverage.

Huffington Post Picture

New Yorkers came out in droves Thursday evening for the annual Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village, where thousands of revelers marched along Sixth Avenue wearing extravagant costumes. The theme for this year’s festivities was “Revival,” as organizers were forced to shut down the parade last year for the first time in its history due to Superstorm Sandy. On Monday, organizers announced they had raised more than $50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the financial losses that came from last year’s abrupt cancellation.

Read the full article here:  huffingtonpost.com.

Family Parade

I find it very interesting to observe this type of celebrations from the international student perspective. I didn’t grow up with this, and this is something I started watching in the movies on the late 90′s.We do have something similar in Spain, which is celebrated around February or March depending on the year, minus the pumpkin carving and trick or treat activities. It is great to see how much fun people have and how much they care about their costumes!

To me it was just a random day, especially when Halloween parties are not on the actual Halloween day! The funniest thing is when people (adults!) wearing costumes start behaving like their character. That happens on the street, at the bars, at work, at school… everything is acceptable as long as it falls in the Halloween week.

New Yorkers Don Imaginative Costumes For Annual Halloween Parade

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade New York

New Yorkers Don Imaginative Costumes For Annual Halloween Parade

Here are some more awesome pictures of the parade from the NY Post.

See more here: nypost.com.
I hope you all enjoyed your celebrations. Who knows, maybe after all the fun I had this year I’ll dress up for 2014! Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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