Barn Joo, Korean Restaurant in NYC

Hey everyone! This week I tried a new restaurant and tried Korean food for the first time. I might have had some Korean dish before, but I can’t remember being in a Korean restaurant like this. This place is located on Broadway between 19th and 20th St. very close to Union Square and it’s called Barn Joo.

Barn Joo NYC

While I loved the food, the highlight for me was the space. It looks great and it’s really comfortable for big groups. Moreover, I have to say the service was excellent! The space is huge and it’s really well lit and decorated for a restaurant. I heard it’s more of a pub/bar later on the day, which might be nice too, but I went for lunch.


The Korean dining scene can no longer be contained in Manhattan’s Koreatown in the West 30s, and is spilling into the Flatiron district. First came the tavern Hanjan, and now this sprawling 8,100-square-foot bar and restaurant on the ground floor of a boutique hotel owned by the entrepreneur Charles Chong. A motif of heavy hanging ropes is used throughout the sleek wood-paneled restaurant to symbolize “tying or connecting people together,” Mr. Chong said.

By Florence Fabricant / The New York Times

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As I said, this was the first time I went to a Korean restaurant so I had no clue on what to order. Of course there’s something in common with other Asian food like Thai, Chinese or Japanese, but I actually enjoyed Korean because it combined elements I like from all those.

I had the Spicy Chicken Dolsot Bibimbap, which is their “signature cast iron rice bowl of seasoned rice with choice of main topping & Farmer’s Market vegetables. Served with soy bean paste soup.”

 Spicy Chicken Dolsot Bibimbap

I really liked the mix of flavors and the way they brought it in a hot cast iron bowl. It was delicious! There are a lot of variations of this dish and I am guessing it’s one of the most popular choices.


All in all, this was a great gastronomical and cultural experience. They actually call this place a “gastropub” which makes a lot of sense after my visit. The place combines all the elements of a pub and a nice restaurant. Also I was expecting the bill to be a lot bigger, but it was under $20 for lunch including everything! Here’s a nice clip that explains a lot about the concept of the place:

I will sure be back for dinner to catch a performance when I get a chance and enjoy the experience from a different perspective. I hope you enjoy it if you have a chance to try it. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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