Olcay Gulsen SS’14 Collection Preview

Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen InviteHiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen

Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 2Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 1

Hey Dolls! I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the Olcay Gulsen SS’14 Collection Preview.
Before I attended the event I was already in love with their shoes and just couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for this upcoming season. What I loved about the shoe collection is the color palette and the design choice. They catered to every type of woman whether it’s the adventurous woman to the sophisticated business woman. Each shoe had its own personality that ranged from sexy, edgy, chic and just flat-out fabulous!

Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 6Photo Credit: Raven Fashion

Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 3Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 4Hiliana Devila - Olcay Gulsen 5

While browsing through the racks of the Olcay Gulsen pieces I found myself wanting everything!
The designs were classy yet sexy with where the peek-a-boo cutouts were placed. It’s a known rule to us women that when we dress we have to choose to flaunt either a feature on the top half of our body and cover our bottom half or vice versa in order to stay classy yet have a touch of sexy. This is exactly what Olcay Gulsen did; their pieces are cut out to flaunt one feature on your body and leave the rest to the imagination.

Till next time loves.. Stay Fabulous! xo


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