B&H, Electronics Mind Blowing Store

Hey everyone! Today I went to a photo and video equipment store in Midtown that blew my mind! I have never seen a specialized store this big and this well organized. Wow.

It is located in 34th Street and 9th Avenue, and it doesn’t look that big from the outside, let me tell you that much! I went because I helped a friend pick up some music equipment. I thought it would be one of those small specialized stores… There’s anything you can imagine related to music, sound, video and photography.

You can also try most of it, and everything is displayed in different sections. It seems like it’s a city!

When you want to order something, you need to ask for it to someone from the staff in the area where your item is. They place the order, and that means they’ll find the item in the back, put it on those “rail roads” you see on the ceiling.

Then you go and pay somewhere near the exit, and finally your package arrives to the counter at the exit. How clever! I felt like I was inside Amazon’s warehouse!

Obviously, they make a lot of business with professionals. However, someone who is not at that level can also enjoy this store! One of the coolest things I found was this 3D printer… I didn’t even know they were so accessible now!

All in all, go see it. It was like visiting and amusement park for me. Well, more accurately, like visiting an amusement park and not trying any ride because these are some expensive products! Guess where half of my future PowerBall jackpot prize is going…

For more information on the store, go to bhphotovideo.com. The store is open every day but Saturday. Don’t go there on Saturday like I’ve tried to do twice. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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