iTunes Tuesday (11/19/13)

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome back to a new edition of iTunes Tuesday. November has been an astonishing month for new music from a variety of artists from Eminem to One Direction! Here, you can check out which records have made the official iTunes Top 10 list. Stay tuned to see which new records will come out for you to enjoy! Remember, support your favorite artist’s material, it’s only 99 cents! Stay tuned until next week to get a full review on the latest releases as well as which artists are feeling the burn of record sales!

Top Singles

1. One Direction – Diana

2.  Eminem – Monster (Ft. Rihanna)

3. OneRepublic – Counting Stars

4. Pitbull – Timber (Ft. Ke$ha)

5. Lorde – Royals

6. Imagine Dragons – Demons

7. Passenger – Let Her Go

8. Ariana Grande – Last Christmas

9. Justion Beiber – PYD (Ft. R. Kelly)

10. One Direction – Story of my Life 





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