As stated on the “Fashion ENK International | Coterie ’13” post, I had the amazing opportunity to interview the president of ENK International Tom Nastos. During the interview Tom stated key facts that I believe every student should apply to their future.

Question: What steps did you take to get to where you are today?

Tom: I had a game plan from the beginning. I think for most people it’s great to have dreams but for a lot of people you don’t know what’s ahead of you and it’s hard to imagine where you could go. I always put a three year program together, I say I’m here today and in 36 months I could imagine myself to be in this particular place in my career. I follow through on it and the obvious is hard work.

Question: What advice would you give the student fresh out of college trying to find a job in the fashion industry?

Tom: I think you have to look very carefully at yourself and what your skill set is and say “I’m very good at this”. Maybe that youngster would really be interested in working in e-commerce, e-commerce a lot of money is going into it and fashion is embracing e-commerce. So the question is “What’s my skill set?” and how does that work for e-commerce or any other type of retail or am I really more of a product development person. Once you can do that than you can really enforce your game plan, I am very big on having a plan. All young people should a plan.”

Not only did Tom give us great advice on ways we can become successful in the fashion industry, but he also gave us insight on how the digital world is revolutionizing the business.  ENK introduced a new feature that has been added to the ENK International Trade Show known as “Shop the Floor”.


“Shop the Floor is an online tool that is provided to the exhibitors for free that they can utilize to communicate with their buyers. ENK International has the largest exhibitor base and retail base in the world, if you’re an exhibitor you have the ability to communicate with over 10,000 retailers. It allows everyone to have a much more even plane field. A small brand if they carefully use social media can have greater impact than a larger brand. That is revolutionary!” – Tom Nastos

To learn more about Shop the Floor visit

With all this gained knowledge I am ready to make my 3-year game plan!

Are you?



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