Internantional Alumni Sanna Dackmo

Sanna Dackmo is a recent Bachelors graduate in Fashion Marketing and Management from Berkeley College. She moved from a small town to our Manhattan, New York midtown campus with a list of goals determined to complete upon graduation; even after she continues to inspire and help other students reach their goals. Ms. Dackmo shared her own experience and how she began climbing the ladder from the Retail field up to Social Media and Public Relations.


 How did you hear about Berkeley College?

I seen a photo and heard about New York City, which is where I knew I wanted to be. So you could say the city brought me.

 I understand you were an international student, where are you from?

A really small town in Sweden, the population was around 20,000 people.

What was the most useful class (es) you had taken at Berkeley College that helped you achieve what you currently do?

Retail Management helped me understand the functions of business under the United States. Public Speaking was probably the most important because before I came to school hear that was not my strong skill. Public speaking is extremely important; you do it everyday and sometimes you don’t even realize when you are doing it.  Also learn how to feel comfortable working in-groups; team building will always be a major part in your career.

What is the biggest advice you can give a student who is either interested in your field or just a student in general?

Know where you want to go and remember to never give up because everything is possible, especially in New York.

When it came time for your internship where did you intern?

I was able to intern at two places but for the credit I interned at BLK Denim, which is where I currently work.

What is your current position at BLK Denim?

I am the Social Media and Public Relations Director.

What is BLK Denim?

BLK Denim is Swedish brand based right here in Manhattan.  They started on Tumblr in 2011 and expanded to over 50 countries; we are also very popular in Europe. The brand is all about culture, and the feelings you get from each design. We expect our consumers to feel super cool and be super fashion. It’s all about the vibe.

How did your internship prepare you for your position now?

I am from outside the United States and working under the way the United States operates was important for me to learn.

How was your transition from college life to full time career?

Luckily I began working young with my family in our jewelry store and continued to gain experience throughout the years in Sweden and other countries that I was able to travel to but being in a full time career is a plus because I have weekends off. (Laughs) It feels good to be professional and enter a professional atmosphere when I come into work.

What is the most impactful lesson you have learned in your job/career?

There are so many lessons to learn. I have a list; but the most important is to never forget you are human, we are not machines.

What is next for you?

To be continued.. (Laughs)


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