Registered for my Last Quarter at Berkeley!

Hey everyone! This week I finally registered for my last quarter at Berkeley, which will be the next Winter 2014. I honestly can’t believe that graduation is almost here. It sounds like a cliche, but it really feels like it was yesterday when I had my first class! This is my fourth fall at Berkeley, and that means I’ll be done soon… For those of you that are getting close to the end as well, here’s some advice I could have used to graduate on time.


  • Plan your schedule way ahead in order to meet your major’s requirements.

I know that during the first quarters at school the most convenient thing to do is enroll to classes that fit in a logical schedule. However, once we’re past the middle of our program we should take a look at the requirement courses listed for our major and take them as soon as possible. I recommend that because not all courses are offered every quarter, so you should make sure you take the ones you NEED for graduation when they are offered, so that you don’t have to wait until they are offered again and risking graduating on time.

  • Make sure you take the Career Management Seminar before your last quarter.

Career Management Seminar is a one credit course that we HAVE to take before we can take the internship that we have to do in order to graduate (which, by the way, accounts for 5 credits.) Don’t do like me. I waited too long and it almost jeopardized my graduation! Oops. If you’re confident that you can build your resume, manage to write cover letters and apply for jobs you can also challenge out of it like I did. I was required to present a portfolio to the chair of my major, and I had to attend a formal “job interview” with him. Now I’m all set to do my internship on the last quarter!


  • Start looking for internships before your last quarter.

You shouldn’t wait until the quarter when you do your internship arrives. Finding the right internship can be crucial for your career and it takes a lot of time. I have already found mine, but it took me months of applying and considering different options until I finally found something that really motivates me and can be a good starting point for my professional career.

  • Visit advisement around registration dates to make sure you’re on the right track.

Even if we are able to register online (which is great!) we should make sure we’re taking the right courses and that we’re on track for graduation on the expected quarter. I always made sure I visited my advisor (which is on the 14th floor for International Students) and she always solved all my issues. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, I would need one more quarter in order to graduate. They are really helpful up there!

  • Keep up the good work until the very last day of school!

Finally, even if it may seem too obvious, I know it is easy to think that because graduation is close you can relax. No, no, no! If you made it this far with good results, keep it up so that your GPA doesn’t drop on your last quarter!


Even if it’s not for your last quarter, remember that registration has already been open, so don’t wait until the last minute to enroll and save a seat in the courses you want and need to take! Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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