Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Hey everyone! First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I had never celebrated thanksgiving before moving to NY (maybe being from Spain has something to do with that,) but it’s become one of my favorite holidays.


I feel like it’s Christmas, minus the pressure of the gifts, the long trips, the ornaments… It’s just happy time with your loved ones. I can’t spend it with my family, but I’ve always been around great people for this holiday for the three times I’ve lived it.

  • 2010: It was my first year in the city. I had only been here for a couple months and didn’t know many people. Berkeley College held this great lunch for international students for Thanksgiving, so we all got together, brought food from our countries and ate thanksgiving turkey for the first time! I have very nice memories from that event. You can read the post about that event here: josenavarronyc.com.



  • 2011: That year I had a blast for Thanksgiving! I was living with my best friends, Danny (from Scotland) and Sam (from NJ.) Sam invited us to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. It was great to experience the turkey day with an American family, and they were all incredibly kind to us! Check it out at josenavarronyc.com.


  • 2012: After a couple years seeing other people cooking turkey, I decided it was my turn. I stayed home with my friends and cooked a great Thanksgiving meal! Pretty proud about that for the first time cooking turkey I have to say! Check out my easy recipe at josenavarronyc.com.


Now, for 2013, I have different plans. By the time you read this, I’ll be driving to the North of the state to spend a few days in a lake, far from the city, surrounded by snow and disconnected from the Internet, phone and TV! I can’t wait!

I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving and make it back safe! Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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