Hey everyone! How was your long thanksgiving weekend las week? I have to say I feel like I’ve been resting for four weeks instead of four days thanks to my little trip to the Adirondack Mountains upstate NY. It’s been one of the best trips I’ve ever done and I think it’s the perfect getaway from the city.


I enjoyed it from the moment I left. We decided to rent a car, and it was the first time for me driving in NYC. Well, actually I didn’t drive, but the fact that I could decide where to go with the car was fun!


We were actually afraid that driving upstate would be difficult, because it was Thanksgiving and there were a few storms on the way those days… but it was actually great! In about four hours we found Lapland Lake, and the cabin we rented was waiting for us. I also have to mention it was -10ºC (14ºF) when we got there, and finding a warm and cozy place in such beautiful area was very close to perfection.


If you like this type of trips, you should definitely check it out: laplandlake.com. Not only do they have beautiful cabins (or Tupas as they call it) but they also offer a lot of activities, like kayaking in summer or cross country skiing in winter. I would also like to mention that the staff is really friendly, welcoming and super helpful. The cabin exceeded our expectations, they were very nice and even helped us find restaurants in the area.


I really felt like I was in my grandmas place. She would have cooked a great meal had she been there, so I decided to do it myself. This was my second year cooking thanksgiving turkey, and I think it was a success!


There are not many businesses around, and you need to drive 15-20min to get to a store, so it’s important that you bring food (tons of food!) That, of course, includes desserts.


My favorite part of the cabin, or Tupa, was the wood stove. I kept the wood fire on for the whole stay and it was enough to warm up the whole cabin with two rooms. They also have electric heat, but I just think a fireplace is the most relaxing thing ever.


Anyways, there was a lot more to besides eating food and staying in. The whole place is beautiful! There are many hiking trails, and others designed for cross country ski.


I even got to see a reindeer! I think after living for a few years in a city like New York, it is a necessity to get away and enjoy nature. Yes, we do have beautiful parks in the city, but it’s not the same.


This place was very close to a beautiful lake. No cars are allowed around it, so you have to walk your way through the trails to get there. It’s worth the walk. The view was truly breathtaking.


If it wasn’t for the freezing cold temperatures, I could have stayed there all day staring at the view. I can’t wait to go back in summer and do some kayaking in the lake.


All in all, I am really happy with that trip and it made me recharge my batteries 100%! I am also glad we were brave enough to get a car and explore places like this. It is difficult to know where to go when you haven’t grown up around here… but this trip helped me realize that there are a lot of things to do nearby. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I definitely recommend you check out Lapland Lake.


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About José Navarro

I grew up in Barcelona, Spain. I moved to New York City to get my BBA in International Business at Berkeley College after studying Advertising and Public Relations in my country and in Tallinn, Estonia. I love traveling; it's my biggest passion. I like learning about new cultures and traditions. I consider myself to be a very positive and active person.


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