On Tuesday 12/10/13, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Young Professionals Panel Discussion on the Future of Advertising with the Berkeley Press Team! Held at the Google New York Headquarters, the panelists included Tara Levy – Managing Director, Ads Marketing for Youtube, John Osborn – President & CEO of BBDO, Jonathan Perelman – VP of Agency Strategy & Industry Development of Buzzfeed and Jessica Singleton – Digital Director of the Bill DiBlasio campaign.


Throughout the evening many great points were made about the digital world & ways to move forward but one topic in particular stood out to me. Tara Levy of YouTube revealed that YouTube will soon allow artist who do song covers an opportunity to monetize their cover videos! This is an amazing feat for not only YouTube as a company but for the many artists that cover popular songs for the sake of exposure and views. It’s no secret that YouTube is very strict regarding the content its users are able to upload due to pressures from record labels etc. That is exactly why this news will be sure to bring excitement and money to a lot of people.


On the business side of things, Tara made a great point about the outcome of the 1st Annual YouTube Awards. Naturally with the extensive promotion and effort put into getting the word out about the show, her & her team expected a greater viewership of the live show than received but later realized that the number of people who watched after the initial airing & shared the individual videos skyrocketed past the amount of live viewers. Although this is a great thing, she said it forced the team to figure out how that happened & which strategy to use for all of the future awards shows. This is just another example of how unpredictable people and the internet could be when it comes to timing & topic interest.


Throughout the duration of the panel discussion, I not only learned a few new things about the world of advertising but some life/career lessons like “If you’re not failing then you’re not trying hard enough” & “Content is King and Distribution is Queen”…….. Keep that in mind!

– Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson


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About Elijah Johnson

My name is Elijah & I'm a 21 year old Alumni of Berkeley College. I majored in Business Management with goals of excelling in the entertainment industry as a Recording Artist & Entrepreneur.




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