Instagram – The Ultimate Opportunist

Instagram sees opportunities – no haters please!

Just announced today, Instagram introduces Direct Messaging.  The upgrade falls in direct competition with Snapchat’s quick pic sending strategy.  A lot of people are saying “this is not an attack on Snapchat”, I would tend to agree.  Attack is a strong word – instead I would use the word strategic. I am going to mention a few initial thoughts I have about the opportunities this affords Instagram (IG). 


Upload Photo
Putting an end to the missed opportunities for the perfect Snap.  I have wanted this feature for a long time.  Although, you will lose the integrity of original content, but the opportunity for more memes – joy.

IG DM allows commenting.  Let’s be honest Snap super stars who nailed it deserve praise.  Although “SnapBacks” can be great, sometimes you want to respond without a pic.  The commenting feature makes it possible to chat to each other privately.  Although it looks like the feature is not yet available, you should be able to respond to DMs with photos or videos.


Preserve Your IG Image
There have been times when I’ve wanted to post a pic on IG only then to decide it really isn’t IG worthy.  With DM, you can still send the pic to your chosen audience of 1 to 15 people.  Maybe this finally put an end to unwanted public selfies, but I doubt it.  The selfie below is a high-quality selfie, just for the record.


People Live for Instagram
People hangout on IG, admit it you have gotten lost in it’s depths. Adversely, Snap users open the app when notified, then after the 10 seconds show is over – they’re out!  Users will naturally prefer to use IG because it’s already open, and there is no need to open a different app.


Additional Thoughts
I have a million thoughts running through my head about this new feature – most of which are not appropriate for the blog.  Please remember, you must take full responsibility for what you do online – do not wild-out and do anything that can and will be held against you!

Paying Homage to Snap! 
It will be interesting to see the reactions of Snap lovers, being one myself.  I love the draw feature far too much to give up Snap!



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