NYC’s Sugar High | Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dear Dylan,

We are a bit concerned, we believe you need to re-evaluate the true meaning of hot chocolate.  That’s All.

Angie and Jasmine

The Holidays have arrived and so has our sweet tooth.  The best part of the holidays are the sweet treats that we are allowed to indulge in with no judgement.

Hot Chocolate is a tasteful substitute as opposed to the cup of Joe morning, mid-day, or study pick me up routine beverage; which is exactly why we were excited to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar and substitute a Caffeine high for a Sugar Rush. Not to mention we have spotted the signature Dylan’s bag in the hands of celebrities like the Kardashian’s and tourist traveling across oceans seeking the American experience, so we were curious.

When we began researching for this blog assignment, and Google told us Dylan’s hot chocolate was one of the best in the city – we were sold.  It was our excuse to put on our red lipstick, as the Kardashian’s would, and head over there to find out what all the hype is about.

The visuals of the store welcome you to a sugar rush that seems never ending but unfortunately once you head to their cafe that is where the rush stops.

Dylans Candy Bar

Your Willy Wonka influenced decor makes you feel like you are reliving your childish fantasy, which is dually beneficial for you and your guest – because they wont notice the store is not so tidy. It’s a little grimy in there. Although, decor – awesome.

Dylans Candy Bar Dylans Candy Bar

Hot Chocolate
Menu was proudly displaying exciting new plays on hot chocolate – like the Cookie Monstah and Peanut Butter Explosion.  All made with Belgian chocolate shavings served with toppings and whip-cream, YUM!  The facts are, it was watered-down and sugary.  I’d like to believe Belgians would also – not approve.

Dylans Candy Bar

Dylans Candy Bar

Feeling excited about our pending hot chocolates, we purchase two macaroons (which were also below average). This brought our total for two hot chocolates and two macaroons to $21.74 . Bummer.

Overall Reactions 
It’s a tad overpriced child’s paradise. So if you are visiting New York City with your kido’s and looking to make a little trip to candy heaven, then this is your spot.  If you are looking to have a quality cup of what New York really has to offer look elsewhere is this blog for your ideal destination.

Final Remarks 
You talk a big talk, with your candy laid walkways, your fancy specialty hot chocolate menu, and huge gum-ball machine!  But the truth is in the chocolate – you have made a cardinal business mistake.  You have over promised and under-delivered. 


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