Politics, viral videos, social media and rest of the world seemed to be moving as usual up until 11:59 p.m. on December 12th 2013.But as soon as Midnight of December 13th came around, Beyoncé single-handedly became the talk of the internet when she released a self-entitled album exclusively on iTunes with no promotion or pre-release announcement!

Beyonce Visual Album

With a total of 14 records and 18 videos apart of the album, Beyoncé fans around the world virtually blew up Twitter in support of her new project. Not only was this genius level marketing from somebody of her stature, it enabled her to break the iTunes record of fastest selling album in iTunes history with a whopping 828,773 copies throughout its first weekend. Ultimately taking the crown from Taylor Swift’s “RED” album which raked in 465,000 in its first week (que Kanye West).

Beyonce Lights

The current singles off of the now Platinum album include “Drunk in Love” featuring husband Jay Z and “Mine” featuring Drake. Both records have very enticing visuals to match so there is next to no doubt that each single Beyoncé chooses to release will become an instant success. The Texas songstress has also outdone her own highest selling week – her second solo album B’Day sold 541,000 in 2006.

Beyonce Jay DIL                               Beyonce Drake

It’s very easy to say anyone can do what she did but reality is, Beyoncé has outdone herself countless times with the enhancement of her craft. Every album served a purpose which garnered massive success by the world at large. That leaves no doubt that she has a reason to proclaim herself as Queen of what she does. Or as she would say, King Bey!


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My name is Elijah & I'm a 21 year old Alumni of Berkeley College. I majored in Business Management with goals of excelling in the entertainment industry as a Recording Artist & Entrepreneur.




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