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Tis’ the season to drink hot chocolate! One of the best things about the holidays are the drinks and sweets!
Hot chocolate is one of our favorite holiday drinks, whats better than taste testing the best of the best.
On a journey to try out some delicious hot chocolate, we decided to swing by Max Brenner’s.

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Max Brenner

This is New York City; you can find hot chocolate at every corner. Everything from the deli on the corner of your block, to the gourmet chocolate spots on Fifth Ave. For me, drinking hot chocolate is more than the drink itself. It’s all about the environment, taste, and last but not least–price.

Coming from Europe where all the best chocolate is made, I have to say that Max Brenner’s chocolate had me thinking twice about that. The chocolate from the store is amazing; give it a try even if it is expensive. At the table we received a menu of the different hot chocolates they had to offer, which was a little fancy to see. They had different types of hot chocolate, hot chocolate that I had never heard about before.

So I did what any curious person would do and that was to order the strangest thing on the menu which in my case was Mexican spicy hot chocolate.
It’s hot chocolate with chili and cinnamon. Nothing beats cinnamon during winter, it tastes like Christmas.



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Word around town is that this fabulous place is known for their chocolate and as a fellow chocolate lover, I couldn’t wait to try it out! Skimming through the menu, the Italian Thick hot chocolate stood out to me. When the waitress took our order she asked what kind of chocolate I would like and I replied “Dark Chocolate!”.

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Once my hot chocolate was served the first thing I noticed was the cup, the way it was molded was unique and cozy. First sip and I knew this was a cup of deliciousness, the dark chocolate and the thickness of the cream was amazing. My taste buds were having a party and just wanted more.

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Max Brenner does not only have amazing hot chocolate but the decor was captivating. When you enter and when you are leaving you can’t miss the chocolate shop. They sell chocolate brownies, candies, cookies you name it. They have a very friendly staff that offers samples from their chocolate store which is separated from the restaurant and Café area.

Max Brenner

The inside of Max Brenner is in fact really cozy, it looks like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with all the pipes filled with chocolate.

Max Brenner

A great way to end your visit!

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I give the environment of Max Brenner 5 out of 5 stars. It could not be better for a hot chocolate.

The taste of Mexican Spicy hot chocolate gets 5 out 5 stars. It’s consistency of melted chocolate mixed with milk was perfect.

The price of Max Brenner Mexican Spicy hot chocolate gets 5 out of 5. This is not Dunkin Donuts where you buy a $3 hot chocolate. The price of the hot chocolate was $5.95 which to me is definitely worth it since the quality of the hot chocolate is great.



Hope you all get to enjoy a cup of delicious hot chocolate at Max Brenner’s!

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