Union Square Christmas Market

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year… the holidays, the gifts and people rushing everywhere to get them! The Union Square Christmas market has been up for a few weeks, and it’s a great place to go for presents.


It’s open everyday of the week, and you can find gifts for everyone here. In fact, I recommend going to this place when you have no clue of what to get to that person. I’m sure you’ll see something that will spark a gift idea. You can find food, jewelry and lots of original artworks and ideas. Let me show you a few that caught my eye.

I loved the “hanging poems.” These mobiles have all the words of a poem in different pieces. It all comes packaged in a little box, and I think it can make a great gift!


There are several places in this market where you can find puppets. While they do look kind of creepy, I think these are great for children. At least it brought me back some memories of my childhood and how I loved bringing puppets to life!


Finally, I loved finding out about City Shuffle. They sell card decks, which contain 52 different cards with a different restaurant/bar on it. Each card has a $10 gift certificate for that restaurant. How cool! And it’s only $20! I actually got the “Dinner’s Deck” for one of my friends. She’s always talking about food places in the city and I thought this was the perfect gift for her. They also have a version for drinks. You can check it out at cityshuffle.com.



Good luck with your gift shopping! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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