Love Doesn’t Cut It (Relationships & Keeping your Eye on the Prize)

Barack & Michelle, Jay & Beyoncé, Brad & Angelina……Probably the strongest Power Couples that people aspire to be like. Little do many know, these pairs don’t become “Powerful” together just because of who they are, but because they took the time to learn where they fit in each others lives. In any relationship, it’s imperative to know who you’re spending time, money & effort on. Like the couples just mentioned, it’s very hard to find people who are actually on your level regarding lifestyle, ambition and commitment so when when you actually do get a hold of them, you make sure you keep them.

Western Inaugural Ball

Jay and Beyonce

Brad and Angelina

How can I take care of someone else & I’m not comfortable with myself yet

If you’re like me, it’s pretty hard to deter yourself from the goals you have your heart set on. Although it’s an amazing trait, it can strain other parts of your life; more specifically, relationships. With that mindset, it’s okay to be Selfish because you have no major third party obligations, just taking your time to become who you are destined to be…….GREAT RIGHT?! But what happens when you achieve those goals & are content with your current position? 9 times out of 10 you’ll begin to want someone to hang out with to occupy that “lonely” void. Even if you only think about it for 2 minutes out of the day, I bet those are the lousiest 120 seconds you’ll live through. This is why you don’t neglect potential love interests as you’re working you’re way up the ladder, just build a friendship/understanding to where you can get to know who they really are. It’ll stay at that because you lack the time to get physical with them which may throw you two in a whirlwind. If you’re actions match your standards then I’m sure the other person will respect your plight and want to take the time to build that bond with you.


“Let Me Upgrade You”

In many cases, both people find each other on their rise to individual glory. If you’re in this position I have only one piece of advice…..BE PATIENT! Since both of you are in a position of growth, take that opportunity to build off one another. It’s okay to Brainstorm together & take tips because if there’s anybody who you should trust with advice, it definitely should be them; No malice or ill intentions would be present. Whatever spark that ignited between you two happened for a reason so take time to figure it out while prioritizing the other events taking place in your life. More times than none, that person is going to be the closest to you. This happens because they’re the only people who can relate to your struggles. If that isn’t the easiest way to figure what someone’s true colors are, then I’m the dumbest thing God created.

Young Couple

Time Management, Communication & Patience is the only key components you need in making sure that you build a strong/healthy relationship while going for your goals. Whoever said being in a relationship is a full-time job may not have been doing it the right way. If both people play their part and have a clear understanding that they both are all for each other no matter what, there’s really nothing holding you back from becoming a Power Couple.

– Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson


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