Happy 2014 from Barcelona!

Hey everyone! First of all, happy new year!!! It’s three days after new year’s eve, but I needed the time to recover from such an indulgent time. I thought I would never say this, but I can’t eat one more bite! This year I finally spent New Year’s eve in Barcelona, which I hadn’t done for the last three years.


My friends and I planned the night so we could finally celebrate the new year together. I arrived there in the evening to prepare for dinner. We thought each of us could just bring something and have a big “tapas” dinner… and then this happened:


This would have been fine for a party of 20, and we even had more food! Since we were only 9, there was no choice but to eat like there was no tomorrow… After dinner, we had my fourth and last Secret Santa of this year! It was nice to do it with my Spanish friends as well!


In Spain we have a tradition that we can’t break. We need to eat 12 grapes with the new year’s countdown. It may sound bizarre, but we’re serious about it! We turn on TV before midnight, and all stations are showing the countdown. Usually we follow the countdown from the capital of the country, Madrid, in the big clock of La Puerta del Sol.


During the countdown, we hear 12 bells, and we eat a grape with each. I have to say it is not easy to finish them all, but we do it! These are the 12 lucky grapes, and I think they’ve been working so far since I’ve had a happy year for every year since I was born!


It was great to start the new year like this. We did not go to any fancy party… but we saved a ton of money in cover charges and had a lot of fun!


Again, my best wishes for you in the new year! Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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