January 18, 2014

Vive la Crepe!

Hey everyone! This week I found a treasure at University Pl. (by Union Square): Vive la Crepe! These were by far the best crepes I have tasted in the city. In fact, I have been there twice this week already and I have tried three different ones.

Fruit Crepe from Vive la Crepe

Don’t be fooled, crepes are not just a dessert. They have a great selection of both sweet and salty (or “savory”) crepes. You can check it here: vivelacrepe.fr. This is a great breakfast, brunch or lunch spot, and even if you’re only going for desserts. The crepe is made in front of your eyes, which I think makes it better. Everything tastes really fresh.

My favorite one so far is number “8” in the savory crepes menu: smoked salmon, cream cheese, spinach and capers. I love salmon, and I am very picky with the salmon they use in restaurants. This crepe was just delicious!

Salmon Crepe from Vive la Crepe

For the sweet crepes, go for dulce de leche or anything with Nutella. You’ll love it! They have “Nutella tuesdays” and you can get one for only $5, which is a great deal!


I have only been at the University Pl. location, but you can find Vive la Crepe at:



One last tip. Download the app! Go to the app store and type “Vive la Crepe.” You can snap a picture of your receipt in the application and they will add one point per dollar spent. For every 50 points (or $50 spent) you will get a $10 discount! That’s pretty good. Also, if you use Paypal, I got a $5 off coupon when paying with the app.

The place is not very big, but there are some tables to stay there and it has a cool vibe. Whether you have a sweet or salty tooth, you should definitely give it a try! You can thank me later. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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