Murray's Mac n Cheese

In preparing for this post our Berkeley Press Team spent a lot of time researching what has already been established as NYC’s best sandwiches.  It was hard to find a sandwich that hadn’t already been covered.  But we wanted to bring you, the reader, the best and most current information so we carried on.  My sandwich partner was Alex Loniakan and we discussed scores of options.

Alex looking dubious

Your options are all terrible >:-(

I tried to convince Alex that we should invent our own sandwich, otherwise we would be reporting nothing new.  He was dubious until I sold him with, “Ordinary people eat sandwiches Alex, extraordinary people invent them.”  He bought it.  Alex was uninterested in my history lesson about the original inventor of the Sandwich, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, but if you would like to you can read more here.

John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

Culinary genius.

I had an idea for our sandwich invention.  When I first moved to NYC 4 years ago, times were tough and pennies were pinched.  Sometimes I didn’t have money to splash out on food and had to make do with what I could find in the cupboard and pilfer from my roommate.  One time it was Kraft Mac n Cheese inside a bulkie roll.  Thus the Mac n Cheese sandwich was born.  You can call me the 1st Earl of the Mac n Cheese sandwich if you’d like.  I looked online and found that someone else had already invented my sandwich and was serving it out of a food cart in Manhattan.  With a mixture of sadness and excitement I found out that they had been shut down and currently no person in NYC was serving The Honorable Earl Christina’s Mac n Cheese sandwich.  I asked Alex to meet me at Murray’s Cheese Bar, which has the most amazing Mac n Cheese I’ve ever had.  Here’s a pic of the Mac n Cheese from their website:

Murray's Mac n Cheese

We ordered a way bigger one

Alex is a team player so he agreed to meet me there.

Alex holding tiny horse

And he was hungry enough to eat a horse.

We ordered the Mac n Blue, which is Mac n Cheese with Blue cheese in it, and is definitely worth ordering, if you were wondering.  We also asked for bread.  The server, Cara, looked askance at our carb laden meal so I blamed it on Alex since he had just come from basketball practice.  She got us the bread.

Mac n Blue

Alex wanted to go to Subway, but they didn’t have Mac n Cheese

As soon as the food arrived, history was made.  We created our 1st Earl of Christina sandwich and feasted.  It was glorious.  Alex and I recommend you make your own “Earl Christina” immediately with the nearest bread and Mac n Cheese.  Add blue cheese if you’re feeling fancy.  Cara came up to us afterwards and said her and the other servers were admiring our creation and would suggest it be added to the menu.  Alex and I felt victorious, and suggested that she name it after us.   Cara didn’t think so.  We said how about if we get a cut of the profits?  Cara said definitely not.  We said ok, how about a shout out on twitter?  Cara agreed.  Thanks Cara!

It's more delicious than it is beautiful.

It’s more delicious than it is beautiful.

To sum up this experience, Murray’s Cheese Bar has delicious Mac n Cheese, and fresh baked bread.  Stop in as soon as you can at 264 Bleecker Street.  Until then, please feel free to eat my sandwich at home whenever you find yourself with the ingredients.  And don’t forget, you’re eating one of NYC’s most famous sandwiches!  Someday.  Maybe.

Alex eating sandwich


Read Alex’s story on the Mac n Cheese (Earl Christina) Sandwich here.

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