Traditionally, young people in their early 20’s are supposed to go to school, get a job, get married & start a family. More or less by the age of 30. Sure that sounds great & may be a winning formula to “happiness” for the masses. But what happens when you’re dreams start becoming a very real reality?! What happens when the lifestyle of your dreams delay certain societal expectations? I know exactly what that feels like because I have been in this situation for roughly 4+ years.

Create Your Future

I’m 22 years old & a college graduate this coming April. From the day I stepped into college I knew exactly what needed to be done in order create opportunities for my entertainment/music industry aspirations. That also means, I accepted a potential fate that many others couldn’t fathom. Late nights, endless practice, strategizing, networking etc….virtually every day! The reason being, I want to be one of the greatest representations of my generation.


If you are reading this and can understand this post as being your exact situation then I only have two words for you…..KEEP GOING! Enough Faith, Effort and Time will only bring you closer to your day of glory. Whether you sing, rap, paint, fight fires or whatever, you will never leave a legacy that spans the test of time unless you put your blood sweat and tears into what you love.


So no, I may never live up to society’s standards but I guarantee that I’ll be one of the few that molds the future for the better.

– Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson

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