Buffalo Exchange Shoes

Just a few short blocks from the Berkeley College Brooklyn location, you can bring in your clothes, shoes, and accessories to sell–and get cash or store credit for them.  This is a new location for one of New York’s favorite vintage and used clothing stores.  Take the F or G train to Bergen Street, or the A, C, G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn.  Keep in mind there are tons of stairs, if you decide to take a wagon like we did.

Check out those nice, clean stairs

Check out those nice, clean stairs

My roommate and I took her impressive haul to the new location today to see what we could unload.  As you can see, she doesn’t travel light.  She called ahead to find out what they were looking for.  Some locations were in need of dresses, some wanted jeans, it’s worth it to call and find out if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of.  Anything very worn, damaged, or pilled will likely not get purchased.

New Buffalo Exchange Location in Brooklyn

Bag lady

Once inside, we were pleased to see that it was a large store, and full of fashionable, affordable clothing.  I noticed that unlike the Manhattan locations of the stores, it had more pops of color and sneakers, definitely the Brooklyn influence.  A nice quality, second hand designer dress would set you back maybe $12 and the shoes were generally under $10. As you can see, it looks like a fun place to shop.

Inside of Buffalo Exchange at Boerum Place

And a whole rack of plaid.

While we waited for the Buyer to finish up with the person he was helping, we scoped out some of the merch.  A lot of the stuff we looked at had clearly never been worn, especially shoes.  I guess we all suffer from buyer’s remorse.

Sneakers at Buffalo Exchange

No, those are sneakers.

To sell your clothes, go up to the counter in the front and you’ll see a worker there with a name tag that says “Buyer” on it.  All you have to do after that is put your clothes, shoes, and accessories on the counter and the Buyer will let you know if they want them and how much they’ll give you for it.

Buyer at Buffalo Exchange in Boerum Place

Try not to take it personally if they don’t like your stuff. There are tons of Second hand places around the city!

We had a good haul.  Their policy is they will tell you how much they’re going to sell it for, and then you can have 50% of that value in store credit or 30% of the value in cash.  Some of our items were worth $20 or more and our grand total was $176.50.  That means we could have $88.25 to spend at any of their locations, or take home $52.95 in cold, hard cash.  We love Buffalo Exchange so we took the store credit.  They give it to you on a card.

Buffalo Exchange Card

This card, in fact.

Now that you’ve unloaded all of your old junk, you can buy some more!  This is truly the best way to shop.  Make sure you check out the racks of shoes in the back, there are a lot there that you could miss.

Buffalo Exchange Shoes


One more thing, make sure you bring your ID with you or they won’t let you sell your clothes.  It has to do with New York law for second hand stores, so make sure you bring it.  Comment below if you know of another second hand store we should visit.

Buffalo Exchange Shoes 2

Don’t forget the shoes!

For more information on how to get to this store, visit their website.

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