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Hey everyone! If you see me these days, you will notice I got a tan. No, it’s not the reflection of the sun from the New York City snow. It’s because I just had  fantastic trip to Puerto Rico with the company I’m working at. It was the best timing, since it has been awfully cold in New York for a while. It was great to take a break from winter, go to summer and get to know a new place and a new culture.

Puerto Rico surprised me in many ways, but the most shocking part was the tropical landscape. I had never been in any tropical climate area, and it was beyond beautiful. The minute I stepped out of the plane, I was already in love with the views, the rain forests and the gorgeous palm trees surrounding everything.

We stayed at a huge golf resort close to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. The house was unbelievable and I felt like I was in a movie set!

Island in Puerto Rico

My favorite part of the trip was the day we spent sailing around the islands in a catamaran. We did some snorkeling, swimming and walked around the beach. And also I got a tan! The views were really (REALLY!) breathtaking and at some point I felt I was inside one of those default computer desktop wallpapers.

City of San Juan

I had a chance to walk around the city of San Juan, which was also incredible. I really liked the views and the vibe of the people there. They all were very friendly and seemed relaxed in a very good way. It was the perfect contrast with New York, even if it only lasted four days.



As a tip, if you’re an international student you don’t need to worry about visas or immigration controls when traveling to Puerto Rico from New York. It is a US territory and you do not need international documentation to travel there. In fact, you can get on the plane with just an ID!



All in all this was an amazing trip and I am very thankful to the company for taking me. I totally recommend visiting Puerto Rico, but save it for the coldest months of the year to give yourself a nice treat. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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