14 things better than a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, if you find yourself without elaborate plans with a significant other, try to enjoy these luxuries instead.

1) Having the whole bed

You’d be here too, if you knew how to make coffee

2)  A good book:  Books can take you anywhere, and you’ll learn things

Yes, I would like to learn more about this

3) Boyfriend Sweaters

boyfriend sweater
It turns out you can just buy them

4) A nice, stiff cocktail

If you’re a bartender, we might be able to come to an arrangement

5) Not Fighting

I told you not to look at my phone

6) Dogs:  They are always happy to spend time with you

“You can lock them out of your room when you don’t wanna deal with them and they’re excited to see you when you let them back in instead of pissed, unlike a man” – Michealene S.

7) Playing an instrument

Too bad all my songs are about the dog

8) Moms & Dads:  They’re there when you need them and you might get some V-DAY chocolates, even

Brendan sure has a way with words

9) Morning breath doesn’t matter

No kissing
No kissing

10) Netflix and always watching whatever you want

I never have to watch Tosh.0!

11) Robots

A roomba will vacuum for you until it dies. That’s dedication.

12) Space Heaters.  Everything is cozy with a space heater.

“True, space heaters can burn your house down. But so could a boyfriend” –Saba Joy

13) Treating Yourself

I don’t have to justify my careless spending!

 14) Knowing how to fix stuff yourself.

beyonce with car
I guess you could wear this.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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