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The Berkeley Press Team’s blog assignment this month was to uncover the hidden gems of the vast sandwich landscape in New York City.   Most members of the team carefully strategized their selection.  After faking a work emergency to evade a ZocDoc dental appointment gone wrong (still looking for a dentist), I lucked-out when I stumbled upon 4Food.. Initially I was not planning to blog about my experience at 4Food, but the build-your-own burger, coupled with charity, and infused with social media was compelling enough to blog about.  At first, the concept can be a tad overwhelming – but it goes a little something like this….

4Food Menu

If you look closely, you will notice there is a hole in the middle of the patty, this is the signature (W)holeburger – it makes room for a scoop of deliciousness (see Scoop for options).  Also, their ingredients are locally sourced supporting local farmers in NY and PA.  Everything on the menu is made fresh to order.

4Food Kitchen

What do I recommend?  I’ve been there a couple times and at the moment I am hooked on the Free Range Turkey burger with a scoop of Chipolte Hummny (corn salsa), provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and Spicy Mayo…..and boom!

4Food Turkey Burger

This place is a healthy choice when you are craving a burger, the price is under $10 for a burger and a drink – for Midtown NYC that’s cheap.  I also like the dining area because they hook you up with web access and your own iPad.  I could go on about added benefits of this lunch spot, but the website does a great job summing up the charity aspect of their business model and how they engage with their customers through social media.  Check the website here:

4food ipad   Berkeley Logo

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