Which President used to Skinny Dip?

Welcome back students!  I know, you had a very exciting weekend honoring that special person in your life and the U.S. Presidents that afforded you a long weekend!  As social media content creators, we have tried several attempts to get your attention when trying to honor our fine leaders on President’s Day, but quite frankly all signs point to…this fact:  You are more excited about your day off than you are about the Presidents.  So this year, instead of posting a cheesy quote, we decided to ask you some off-the-wall questions about our Presidents in efforts to provide you some added entertainment.


Below is a list of the questions and the correct answers:

1. Which President likes skinny dipping?

John Quincy Adams

2. What is Obama’s favorite TV show?

The Wire

3. Which President was so fat he got stuck in the White House bathtub?

Howard Taft

4. Was President Clinton impeached?  Why?

Yes, for lying about his relations with Monica Lewinsky. 

5. Name the last 5 Presidents?

Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, and Reagan

P.S. We gave Coach Christensen a President’s Day Makeover 🙂

Presidents day makeover

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