Forget Snapchat, Whisper is the new, hot anonymous app

Having heard about Whisper 3 times this week and exactly 0 times ever before this week, I decided to check it out.  3 times is enough to make me investigate a new social media app. The last ones were Cinch, Line, and Tinder, and I didn’t know if I had it in me to do another one. I’m glad I did though, this one is fun. First you download the app. Then, open it up. You’ll see it looks like the worst part of instagram–text over pictures. Next, you’ll see this message:

Whisper Screenshot 1
Local secrets? Now we’re talkin.

Next, you can browse these dirty secrets and judge them freely, knowing it’s all anonymous.

Whisper Screenshot 2
Get a life, we all want to see our best friend naked.
Whisper Screenshot 3
Yikes, you must have screwed up bigtime.
Whisper Screenshot 4
What are you, seven years old? My birthday wishes come true. I once wished that my Dad couldn’t tell a lie. Wait, no, that was the movie Liar, Liar.
Whisper Screenshot 5
Why keep it a secret? Just be openly disgusted like the rest of us.
Whisper Screenshot 6
Ugggh, gross, it smelt great? Really? I doubt it. Also, this is exactly the kind of shameful secret I was hoping to see when I joined.
Whisper Screenshot 7
I’m not sure if I should despise you or admire you.
Whisper Screenshot 8
Yeah. THAT’S why you can’t get a girlfriend. Try approaching a girl who wears her hat the same stupid way you do, maybe you’ll have a chance.
Whisper Screenshot 9
I have no idea.
Whisper Screenshot 10
Good question! Please feel free to comment below and let me know. I’ll try it out and see if it works.
Whisper Screenshot 11
True story. Also note that key words in your post get tagged like Instagram, Twitter, etc. if you want more visibility choose your words wisely.
Whisper Screenshot 12
It’s called Craigslist. Actually, you can anonymously message people on Whisper. So it might be called Whisper now.
Whisper Screenshot 13
You might…you might actually be a cat.

Emboldened by everyone else’s secrets, I decided to upload a few of my own.  My Whisper inbox was so instantly flooded with responses that within minutes I knew I’d never have time to respond to them all even if I stayed home all day and devoted myself to it. But, looking briefly at the messages, I’m not missing much.  It does look like a hotbed of young, desperate people looking for a hookup, so if that’s your thing, do sign up.  Your posts are protected with a personal identification number (PIN) so there’s some added security if someone grabs your phone.  Your posts will be anonymous.  When someone messages you, they show up as a default name of Kitten_Wiz.  I don’t get it, but you can change your name to “Dreamlover” or whatever you want if you send a message.  You can also respond to someone’s picture with another picture, which is pretty cool.

Whisper challenge:  If anyone finds what they think is one of my confessions, I’ll cop to it AND upload it as an addendum to this post.  They are steamy. NYC Whisperers have the advantage here.

Let us know what you think of Whisper in the comments below.

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