Can artists today have a bigger impact than the talent of the 90’s? In my opinion, there’s a few good candidates to keep the fire going. In the realm of R&B, one hopeful who’s making quite a name for herself is Tinashe.

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With her debut album on the way, Tinashe’s current single 2 On featuring Schoolboy Q is in heavy rotation around the country so it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a household name. After following her music for nearly 3 years, I decided to remix her record “Ain’t Ready” off of her latest mixtape Black Water because she spoke of a similar determination of mine to live out our dreams & I knew I could add some extra flavor to the record. The message of the remix is, Power Couples aren’t made with just anybody but with people who know how to bring the best out of one another.

If you would like to download the Ain’t Ready Remix, feel free to hit the link listed below as well as the iTunes link to purchase her new single 2 On! Now whether you adore it or find yourself absolutely sickened by my remix, please let me know what you think on either Twitter/Instagram with the hash tag #ShotofADRENALIN!

ADRENALIN x Tinashe – Ain’t Ready Remix (Download Link)

Tinashe  – 2 On (Ft. Schoolboy Q) (Itunes Link)



Twitter: @ShotofADRENALIN / @Tinashe

Instagram: @ShotofADRENALIN / @TinasheNow


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  1. Great track


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My name is Elijah & I'm a 21 year old Alumni of Berkeley College. I majored in Business Management with goals of excelling in the entertainment industry as a Recording Artist & Entrepreneur.




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