February 19, 2014

Burlesque Wednesdays

We are all busy in our routine – classes, working, eat, sleep, repeat.  Breaking this cycle with some mid-week mingling may be just what you need to re-focus your energy.  I am going to share a little secret with you, I have found a brilliant solution for mid-week mingling with quality people, in great venues, with entertaining themes, offering perks to their members, providing the best music, at little or no cost to you.  AfterWork events are firing on all cylinders when it comes to successful events in NYC.


Tonight’s AfterWork event is being held at Beaumarchais in the Meatpacking District.  “This week’s AfterWork will offer us a seductive Burlesque Show and throw back into the offbeat atmosphere of the early 1920’s.”  If you are interested in attending, the event details are listed on Facebook and on their event website: www.samnjo.com.

beaumarchais burlesque

6 Signs You are at a Quality Event

1. People – Free time is a foreign concept in NYC.  If you are not maximizing, then your wasting time.  Mingling with likeminded and ambitious people is the most important element to a successful event. Every minute in NYC is an opportunity for networking – who knows who you’ll bump into.

2. Venue – The name recognition of the venue will draw a great crowd and can elevate the event to a new level.  The venue should never distract from the experience, everything from ease of entrance to ease of securing a cocktail should be a pleasant undertaking.

3. Purpose – A great event should have a theme, a purpose, something that draws people in and grabs their attention.  The purpose needs to be cohesive with the entertainment, dress, menu, etc.  The theme should be the common denominator throughout the evening.

4. Perks – What type of tangibles are you going to receive for attending – party favors, appetizers, cocktails, photographs, discounts for a Uber cab seems to be a popular one these days.

5. Music – The music is a deal breaker. The music creates the energy to any event – everyone is going to use the music to set the tone of their night.

6. Cost – In NYC you can easily spend an unlimited amount of money when it comes to gaining entrance to an event.  The cost can also define the event.  The flip side of NYC – you can also gain access to quality events free of charge or with a small entrance fee.

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