This past month has been a reminder that clothes are not only a way to express ourselves, but a way to protect ourselves. This past January, we’ve grappled with the reality of the “Polar Vortex” and record snowfalls. Instead of focusing on how we look every morning, we are focusing more on how we stay warm from the piercing winds and sub-zero temperatures. Of course, if we can look good and stay warm, that’s the best of both worlds. All of this reminds me, that fashion, or simply clothing, is something that the human race depends on for a multiplicity of reasons and covers (pun intended) just about every level of Maslow’s hier-achy of needs. That’s pretty powerful when you think about it! But what does that mean for fashion students? Simply put, it means that while fashion continues to morph and change on the runways and the store racks, we can rely on the fact that something will always be there. And that means there will always be opportunities in fashion for the creative and the business-minded. Just keep that in mind, when it seems too cold to bundle up and go to class…it is worth it!

Mark Friedberg

Guy Adamo: “The NRF Big Show is always an opportunity to update on key retail trends. This year’s focus was on retail and global expansion, selling the right mindset to grow a brand, social responsibility, shopping behavior and visual presentation, and China entry strategies.”

Mark Friedberg

Myra Butensky: “On January 15, our Product Development class spent an afternoon at Premiere Vision, “The World’s Premier Fabric Show.” It was a wonderful experience to explore the textile, color, print and trim directions for Spring/ Summer 2015. The highlights of the show will surely inspire us as we create our own collections for this quarter’s project.”

Mark Friedberg

Garment District Tour Study Abroad class with Myra Butensky

Mark Friedberg

Mark Friedberg “The Fashion Club visited Stoll America where they saw different garments that were knitted by the machinery that the company sold.

Mark Friedberg

They were shown design facilities and a knitting machine in action. They learned about different gauges and types of knitting and looked at the Stoll archive.

Mark Friedberg

Dressing the mannequins for Paramus campus Fashion Club with Bill Filerino


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