Fashion Faculty Highlight ALYSSA ADOMAITIS

Alyssa Adomaitis

1) What made you choose fashion education as a career?

Originally, I went to school to major in Russian. However, my grades were not as high as I would have wished. One of my friends suggested to take a fashion class, as I loved to dress up for classes wearing retro hats, gloves, and re-work my grandmother’s polyester duds from the 1960’s. My first class was Social-Psychology of Dress. Suddenly… I was passing! I actually fell in love with school and studying.

2) What is your fondest memory as a fashion student?

On a sunny day in the spring, I can recall wearing a large blue-n-white feather sun-hat to class on campus with matching capri pants, an ivory, fitted, white sleeveless collar shirt with buttons down the front and white Super- ga (Italian) dress sneakers. As I walked through the quad, it seemed to go quiet. Other students began whis- pering. I then discovered the power of dress. Being well dressed, can make a more powerful statement than words. I said nothing, yet others were speechless. Secretly, I smiled on the inside. I found my calling in life.

3) What is your favorite class to teach at Berkeley and why?

Fashion and The Media is my favorite class to teach. I love when students understand the psychology behind advertising, the impact it has on consumers, and how skillful advertisers are as we seem to smile, cry, or purchase simply by the power of suggestion.

4) What’s your favorite activity outside of work?

There are two loves besides teaching; the first being exercise. I was a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood winning several competitions even being State Champion. I ran the New York City marathon and qualified for the Boston. I trained and competed in triathlons and dualthons – swimming is my favorite part. At one time, I even took up boxing at Gold’s Gym. The second love is watching The Wendy Williams Show. She makes me smile and laugh. “How you do’ng?”

5) What does “style” mean to you?

Style means having an understanding about yourself, your image, what you like others to perceive about you, and having fun with clothes using any means of non-verbal communication.


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