So you want to volunteer…now what?

Curious about where to volunteer your time? Want to make a difference but you’re not sure where to start? The world of volunteer opportunities is at your fingertips, people!
Here is a roundup of some of our favorite websites for finding volunteer opportunities:
Volunteer Match
Search for volunteer opportunities in your own zip code or any zip code you prefer. Sign up for their newsletter to learn all the amazing ways you can help others every day.
Great nonprofits logo
This website is a place to find trustworthy nonprofits. Their mission is to “inspire and inform donors and volunteers, enable nonprofits to show their impact, and promote greater feedback and transparency.”
idealist logo
Use their search engine to find volunteer opportunities, internships, and even jobs, exclusively at non-profit organizations.
Jersey Cares
Jersey Cares offers:
  • Year round volunteer opportunities
  • Annual Day of Service: Jersey Cares Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
  • Collection Drives
  • Note: You must make an online profile to sign up for opportunities.
New York Cares Cover Photo
New York Cares Offers:
  • Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities
  • Citywide Days of Service
  • Corporate Volunteering
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Youth Service Opportunities
  • Holiday Coat and Gift Drives
  • Note: You must create a profile on their website and attend an orientation prior to starting volunteer work.
NYC Service
Use their savvy search engine to:
  • Find volunteer opportunities in NYC by zip code
  • Find an organization in NYC
  • Pledge your own day of service
  • Make in-kind donations
  • Create your own volunteer opportunities
Tapproot Foundation
Taproot connects business professionals to non-profits to do amazing work pro bono. 
From their website:
  • More than 8 million business professionals work in America today.
  • Nonprofits across the country lack the resources to fully achieve their mission.
  • At the core of Taproot’s work is the idea that those business professionals can use the skills they already have–in fields like marketing, information technology, strategy, finance, and human resources–to join forces with those nonprofits and move the ball forward in all of our communities.

If you are studying one of these fields, or are already working in them, now’s your chance to use your education for good!

Feeling the travel itch but want to make a difference while you do it? Search this trusted site for volunteering opportunities abroad!
Go Get em Tiger!
Try at least one of these websites right now! Have a great resource we didn’t share? Leave a comment below to tell us all about it.
Also, you use one of these sites and have a great experience let us know. Contact your campus Director of SDCL to share your story and photos on the blog for our “Berkeley Cares Volunteer Stories” series.
Berkeley Cares

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