St. Patrick’s day is on a Monday, this year (March 17th) so it’s important to plan your celebrations carefully, lest you miss out on a full 3 days of festivities.  Sometimes the parade is held on the weekend prior, but this year it will be held on Monday at 11am on Fifth Ave.  If you are a very sad person, you can watch it live, here.

A disclaimer:  if you are over 21 years old, you may take part in these events and you are encouraged to drink responsibly.  If you are under 21 years of age, you can attend the parade and then spend the rest of the day studying quietly in your room.

The celebrations will be most fun on Monday, but there will be events beginning on Saturday for you to participate in.  First, some culture.  Do not order a black & tan, Irish Car Bomb, or call the holiday St. Patty’s day.  These things are what separate the Irish, those respecting of the Irish and their culture, and complete arses.  St. Paddy’s day is acceptable vernacular. Patty is short for Patricia, and Paddy is short for Patrick.  We are not celebrating St. Patricia’s day.


Let’s move on

Here are the top events in NYC for St. Paddy’s Day

1. St. Patrick’s Day parade, March 17th 11am.  For more info on the parade route, click here.

st. patrick's day parade nyc

Thanks to Jamie NYC on Flickr

2. Open bar in the East Village on Saturday, March 15th.  No cover!  Register here.

3. Jazz and burlesque at the Black Irish Ball. This is a classy event, AND it’s free.  RSVP here.

black irish ball

Photo from

4. Wasabassco’s St Patrick’s Day for Sinners.  Monday, March 17 an all red head burlesque show at the Brooklyn Bellhouse. Once again that is an all redhead burlesque show.  Tickets are 20 bucks here.

snow cat

The original image I chose was deemed inappropriate

5. Irish American Punk Rock & Live Music

Hit Boston up for my favorite, the Dropkick Murphys.  If you’re in Chicago, make sure you go see The Tossers.  In NYC you can also find more traditional Irish Music like Shilelagh Law, The Lads, Jameson’s Revenge, and more.

dropkick murphys

It’s worth a trip to Boston

6.  Have a pub crawl.  Basically, pick a borough and visit as many Irish pubs as you can, (drink responsibly) many of them have deals for St. Patrick’s day.  I love the wicked Monk, if you’re in Bay Ridge.  You can also get tickets that will direct you to all the participating pubs, here are a few.

7.  Traditional Irish food.  Forget the corned beef and cabbage, no one likes that and it stinks.  Instead, get lamb stew, soda bread, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and even fish and chips.  You can find Irish food in any borough in NYC.  We recommend a quick yelp search to get you headed in the right direction.

irish food

Thanks to flickr user a_b_normal123

Bad ideas

These are events put on by people with the worst intentions and taste.

8.  This event is both a block party and a copyright violation, it’s called Green Eggs and Hammered.  The premise is to start your day early, by binge drinking.  They also have leprechauns and face painting.  Here is the event link.  $2 beers at 8am.  Such a bad idea.  I’ll give you $2 to stay home instead.

green eggs and hammered

Stay Away

9.  Second Annual Irish Fest at Webster Hall.  I know what you’re thinking, if they had one last year and they’re having one again this year, it must not have gone too badly.  If you want to be in a crowd of drunk people spilling green beer on you and listening to bag pipe music, see #1 on the list.  Here’s the link if you’re a glutton for punishment.

irish fest at webster hall

I wouldn’t.

10. The 3rd Annual Sober St. Patrick’s day.  We’re not against sobriety, but this event wants you to pay $22 for family friendly fun and it’s held in a catholic high school.  Fruit and soft drinks will be provided.  This sounds like a whole lot of misery.   Better to stay home and have some friends over, instead.

sober st patricks day

: (

Submit any fun events you’re attending in the comments below.  Have a safe and happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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