These animals have gone way past the point of being jerks and wandered into the reckless behavior territory. Check out ten of the biggest badasses in the animal kingdom. They stopped caring a long time ago. For example:

This adorable bunny rabbit will get straight up in your face with a flip kick

bunny flip


This cow just wants to give this dog a little tickle with his 8 inch long grossout tongue

cow tongue


Some dolphins completely destroying this bird’s day


Just doing seagull stuf–AHH

This tiny, amped up goat who’s just looking for someone to floor.

goat jerk


This goat who just got unfriended

goat jerk 2

You can’t sit with us

Yet another goat, who doesn’t care that you’re a little kid too

goat jerk 3

Goats are JERKS

This grownup panda who deploys Judo moves on an unsuspecting panda tyke

panda jerk

Can’t have my leaves!

This parrot using advanced intimidation techniques

parrot jerk

You get my money yet?

This pony who snatches a turtle’s lunch

pony steal

It’s Fat Kid Friday

This dog who already told you, “No kisses.”

smack dog


And finally, one of the biggest bullies of the animal kingdom, this cat delivers a 2-for-1 dog punch special.

roomba cat

Don’t hate the game

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