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Hey everyone! This weekend I attended a cooking class at Cook & Go and I had a blast! This school offers cooking workshops where in about an hour and a half you get to learn three courses. This is not an advanced class, but you do get to learn a lot of things, especially if you choose a menu that’s new to you!


The school is located at the Meatpacking District in Chelsea (443 W 16th Street.) I went to a class called “The Wonders of American Southern Food.” The three courses that I got to learn were: cornbread, oven baked jambalaya and buttermilk pie. These were all new to me, and it was a lot of fun learning how to cook them.

Cook & Go, School

The chef stands in the middle of the class, and everything is ready at your work station. I wish that happened at my kitchen! If you’re worried about burning food, no need to freak out, all the food is baked on a tray by the chef and you don’t get to use heat at any point.

Cooking buttermilk pie

We started with the dessert (the buttermilk pie) since they had to bake for a while. The part that I liked the most was making the pie crust. I didn’t know it was that easy! Ok, maybe it is a bit challenging when trying to cover the pie pan, but the result was great!

Jose cooking at Cook & Go

Then we went on to make the jambalaya. I didn’t know you could bake rice in the oven and it is so much easier than doing it on a pot!

We ended with the cornbread. This is something that I had tried many times in the US, but never even heard about it back home. It was actually pretty easy and the result was more than decent.

American Southern Food

Once the class is over, you can take your portion home. If you’ve been a good student, it will make a great dinner! All in all, this is a great activity in the city. You can check out their schedule at Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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