April 9, 2014


3 days later & WWE fans including myself are still in disbelief! After 21 years of dominating Wrestlemania, the biggest night in wrestling entertainment, The Undertaker’s legendary winning streak is over. After a very tough match against Brock Lesnar, Taker ultimately fell victim to multiple finishing moves from Lesnar. After a stunning 3-count by the ref, the once deafening screams of the tens of thousands of fans in attendance suddenly turned into silence. Shocked faces of generations of fans all couldn’t believe that the most epic winning streak was brought to an end right before there eyes.




Truthfully, The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler so seeing that happen was as surreal as it can get. Obviously the older we get, we realize a lot of wrestling is staged but a moment like this couldn’t have been written. I’m happy that his fans are still behind him after such a crushing moment which just goes to show that regardless of what happens a legacy like his will always be respected!



– Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson


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About Elijah Johnson

My name is Elijah & I'm a 21 year old Alumni of Berkeley College. I majored in Business Management with goals of excelling in the entertainment industry as a Recording Artist & Entrepreneur.




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