April 30, 2014

I Made It!!

On April 25th 2014, I was blessed with the opportunity to officially graduate from Berkeley College! After completing school in three years, receiving my Bachelors in Business Management is one of my greatest accomplishments. I told myself on the first day of my Freshman year that I had to make the absolute most of my time here both in & out of the classroom. Thankfully, I stuck with my commitment and was able to achieve many things on campus. From making the Deans List twice to creating the Berkeley Anthem to forging personal & career based relationships, I can honestly say I made my college days memorable.



As far as Commencement goes, it was a great and well organized ceremony. Seeing my peers/professors fully dressed in their Caps & Gowns became somewhat nostalgic because these are people that helped me become who I am today. Congratulations to all of my fellow graduates & I wish nothing but massive success for your future!

Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson

Berkeley College Logo

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About Elijah Johnson

My name is Elijah & I'm a 21 year old Alumni of Berkeley College. I majored in Business Management with goals of excelling in the entertainment industry as a Recording Artist & Entrepreneur.




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