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Do you know your fellow Knights? We’d like you to get to know them! This post brings you Woodland Park Marketing Student Frederick Sosa. He’d like to tell you a little about himself and his journey at Berkeley College.

My name is Frederick Sosa but you can easily call me Fred just to make everything so much easier. I’m currently majoring in Marketing and I have two semesters left before I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree which I am beyond excited for. It’s been too long of a journey but at the end of the day I know it’ll all be worth it so I can finally be the magician that I’ve always wanted to be.


Just kidding I don’t want to be a magician and I don’t plan on it either. My hobbies include playing sports such as basketball and baseball and others as well, but those are my two main comrades. I also enjoy making music since I plan on becoming a producer in the near future so I am taking the possible stepping stones in order to reach that goal. I’m also involved in fashion where I have some designed shirts as well as hoodies and sweatshirts that are currently available for the public’s viewing.

Photo:Frederick Sosa

Photo:Frederick Sosa

Photo:Frederick Sosa

Berkeley has helped me develop myself in ways I didn’t even notice until I would catch myself using concepts learned in previous courses and applying them to everyday situations. The staff at Berkeley College really wants to their students excel and become what they’ve always set their dreams to be. Ever since my first quarter Berkeley was exceptional at making me feel welcomed and a part of a family.

With everything that Berkeley has given me I plan on becoming an entrepreneur in different markets regarding my hobbies that I mentioned earlier. With the necessary tools and everything that I’ve learned so far I’m pretty confident as well as determined in order to reach my goals of becoming what I want to be and being where I want to be.


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