Pet Super Adoption

Adorable bunnies, dogs, and cats from local rescue groups and shelters were up for adoption at the Pet Super Adoption at the Westchester County Center in late April. With an event this large, volunteers were very important in order for the event to run smoothly.  On Sunday, April 27th, 14 Berkeley College students from the White Plains campus devoted their time to assist in the cleanup process after the 3-day event. Students broke down dog cages, carried animals out to cars, and swept up wood shavings used for animal bedding.

Pet Super Adoption

Pet Super Adoption

Pet Super Adoption

Pet Super Adoption


The event was a huge success with 261 dogs, 98 cats, and 1 bunny finding homes at this event.  In 2014, Super Pet Adoption events took place in New York, Utah, and California.

Pet Super Adoption

For more information please visit: or like Best Friends Animal Society on Facebook.

Pet Super Adoption


Berkeley Cares

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