MAC has collaborated with the fabulous Kelly and Sharon Osbourne!

Online Release Date: June 2nd, 2014
In Store Release Date: June 12th, 2014

Kelly Osbourne Collection

Kelly Osbourne

Dodgy Girl: $17.50
Kelly Yum-Yum: $17.50

Kelly Osbourne

Riot House: $17.50
Strip Poker: $17.50

Kelly Osbourne

Jumbo Penultimate: $22
In Synch: $16.50
Smolder: $17.50


Bloody Brilliant Quad: $44
Morning Mister Magpie: $22

Kelly Osbourne

Cheeky Bugger: $22
Skin Finish Duo: $33

Sharon Osbourne Collection

Sharon Osbourne
Pussywillow: $16.50
Bijou: $16.50

Sharon Osbourne

Innocent: $21.50
French Kiss: $21.50

Sharon Osbourne

Patentpink: $21.50
Ruby: $21.50

Sharon Osbourne

Duchess Quad: $44
Cranberry: $16.50

Sharon Osbourne

Peaches & Cream: $22
Mineralize Skinfinish Duo: $33

Let us know your thoughts on the Kelly | Sharon Osbourne for Mac Collection by tagging @berkeleycollege


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