Berkeley College Medical Mission Guayaquil Ecuador 2014


Welcome Everyone,
Berkeley College in partnership with the Healing the Children Organization is about to embark on our first Medical Mission. We will be traveling to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and the medical focus will be on Pediatric Urology. The team consists of 14 members: two Surgeons, four Nurses, four Certified Surgical Technologists, 3 Anesthesiologists, and 1 Surgical Processing Technician. There will be five representatives from Berkeley College comprised of three faculty, one recent graduate, and one media relations person to document. The trip will begin on 6/7/14 and returning on 6/14/14. The team hopes to accomplish 50 pediatric urology surgical interventions for the week. In preparation for this trip, students at the Berkeley College School of Health Studies prepared & sterilized surgical instrumentation and helped pack medical supplies for the mission. Students from The MA, SPT, & ST programs dedicated their free time towards this endeavor. We are all excited and we will be blogging on our daily activities (surgery, clinic, patient recovery). The bloggers will be:
Dr. Anbalagan George, CST (ST/SPT faculty)
Nicole Willis CST (ST /SPTfaculty)
Joseph Charleman CST (ST/SPT faculty)
Ana Campos CRCST, CST (recent graduate)

Please ask questions, and feel free to blog anytime!!!

34 thoughts on “Berkeley College Medical Mission Guayaquil Ecuador 2014

  1. I am super excited about our trip! Being able to help children and give our students a peak into the OR’s daily activity is going to be awesome.

  2. Hi Dr. George, Mrs. Willis and Dr.Charleman! :)How is everything going? Did you guys get to visit the hospital yet?

    1. Allison,
      Thanks for blogging, we have not gone to hospital yet but team met today to disscuss surgical procedures and patient clinic schedueled for tommorow . We are excited and cant wait to get to work. I will be posting new blog tonight with more information.

      Mr. C

    2. Hi Allison,
      I am doing good. we will be visiting the hospital tomorrow. I must say I am learning Spanish..finally…

    3. Hi Allison I’m great it’s been absolutely eye opening here. So many children to help. We’ve been working long hours to try and help as many as we can.

  3. Hello my students
    ..I am so excited to be part of this mission. I must say food is great and people are too. Tomorrow we will be at the hospital. Looking forward to meet with hospital staff.
    Dare to be different. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”James Allen
    All through this week, I want all of you to ponder on this quotes. We are an uncommon breed of Surgical technologist…As what I am doing today, I want to see one day, you will continue the work we have started for you.

  4. Hello Dr George, Mrs Willis and Mr Charleman,

    I’m glad you guys made it there fine and without any problems. How is the trip going so far? Have you guys been able to meet with the hospital staff? What type of procedure do you have lined up ?

  5. Hello Everyone,

    I hope everyone is having a great trip so far, waiting to hear some stories and see some pictures soon. I hope to be a part of this some day.

    -Dr. George, you’ll probably be fluent in Spanish by the time you get back.

    Keep in touch,
    David Osorio

  6. Hello everyone,

    hope all is well with everyone. how is the trip going so far? I’m glad you guys made it there safe and sound.
    Have you guy been able to meet with the hospital staff and discuss any of the cases. How are the OR room setup? what kind of equipment do they have? Any interesting produces so far?

  7. Good morning Dr. George it is very commendable that you take time out of your busy schedule to help the children of Ecuador. Anything for the patient or how we say “The patient first”. In Latin aeger primo. I wish you all well Joe, Nicole thank you.

  8. Hello Everyone,
    Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your time spent doing great things. Can’t wait to see some pictures and your blogs.
    Be safe everyone

    Chabely Ortiz

  9. Hi Joe, Dr. George and all of your team,
    What a wonderful and fulfilling adventure to be on, with all the positive deeds and energy you are providing the world is already a better place. Hope all is going well, how are your patients, staff?
    Adrienne Charleman

  10. Hope you all had a full successful day of surgery. Glad to hear that Dr. George!, when you come back ill be talking to you in Spanish then 🙂 Dr. Charleman How did today go for everyone? Just think today you changed childrens lives. Keep up the hard work

  11. Wow you guys had a full day..How are the OR’s there different from here? Do they follow sterility like we do?

  12. This project is very inspiring and I hope i am just as blessed to be able to join you guys in the 2015 mission. I am ready to do my part and be apart of a team that makes a difference in this word.

  13. Hello Everyone,
    I hope today was a good day for you all. How many procedures do you do a day? What instrument trays are you using and how many are available? I can’t wait to hear from you guys

  14. Coming back in two days! Hopefully you can live chat with us so you can show us how everything looks there tomorrow in class 🙂

  15. I wanna know what’s the most memorable moment that will stick with all of you on this mission?

  16. One of the most memorable moment that will stick with all of us here is this:
    one common goal – patient….
    I have never worked with anyone in this team….and we came together and contributed our expertise for this children. the team work is great and memorable. many who worked in the hospital asked me if are from the same hospital that we worked…When i said no, there were so surprised….they couldn’t believe it..
    this is something I can never forget.

    1. Just an amazing expierence to follow, I cant wait to see you and hear about all of the details. Your patients, your new medical co workers, your team and of course the children. I am sure you all have been going non stop since you arrived, but what an incredible journey this must have been for you. How many surgery’s have you performed? How are the children? What was the target age group? So many questions to ask, sorry.


    2. What an incredible expiernece, I cannot wait to hear all of the details. How big is the hospital/facility you are working in? How many paients have you treated so far? Its amazing how people from different backgrounds can come together for the common good, What you have all done is nothing less than fantastic. If ever the opportunity presented its self I would be honored to join you on any mission.

  17. Hi Joe, Nicole, Dr. George and Anna: Hope all is well there. We are so very proud of all of you for making this trip and doing this mission. Bravo!!! Take care all of you and have a a safe trip home.

  18. My most memorable experience would be when the staff and the physicians that worked at the hospital asked us to come back because we were such a great team. The mission is only as great as its team, and ours were exceptional. I always tell my students that we are chameleons we change with the situation and I have to say when going on a mission like this one that quote sticks out to me.

    Nicole Linder

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