First day of surgery YEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!,
Today we have six procedures booked in the OR starting at 8 am. We started at 8 am and are projected to finish at 8 pm tonight. The hospital lost power a couple of times but the generators are full of gas, no worry.

The cases are :
#1- 2nd stage hypospadius repair with duplay tube and dorsal skin overlay graft
#2 – 1st repair dermal graft hypospadius
#3 Snodgrass TIPS repair
#4 cystoscopy transurethral resection
#5 laparoscopic left varicocelectomy
#6 cystoscopy internal urethrotomy.

Dr  George & Dr Ocana discuss the procedure

Dr George, Dr Ocana and Ana Campos discuss the procedure

Nicole CST  working with Dr Schlussel

Nicole CST working with Dr Schlussel

ANA CRCST  working on surgcal nstrumentation go central!!!

ANA CRCST working on surgical instrumentation go central!!!

Dr. George & Dr Schlussel / Laparosopy

Dr. George & Dr Schlussel / Laparosopy

Nicole CST , live in action on Hypospaius repair with dermal graft

Nicole CST , live in action on Hypospadius repair with dermal graft

Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Hello team members, please have a wonderful trip. I am sure you will help lots of children. Please eliminate the graphic photo that is posted. Please do not blog any more graphic surgical photos. Thanks, diane

  2. We are working so hard for these kids. The hospital and the staff have been great helping us get use to their culture and their language. What an experience!

  3. Keep up the great work all! I was truly looking forward to seeing the graphic pictures for better understanding of the procedures!

  4. It was amazing to see how much good we were able to do in the first day. Our projected finish time was 8pm but I believe we got back to our hotel at 10pm. Our mission crew was spectacular we pushed through every day with the determination to help the children.


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