Volunteer Stories: Hashtag Lunch Bag by Marlo Scott

My name is Marlo Scott and I am an Accounting major attending classes at the NYC Campus of Berkeley College.

“Hashtag Lunch Bag” is an event where students and staff leaders make sandwiches, and snack bags for the less fortunate in our nearby NYC area. Every person that interacted in the event may have their own thoughts about giving, but I would like to emphasize my personal thoughts and concerns about the event. Considering my consciousness of being homeless, I wanted to ensure we reached the bottom of our bag before we headed back to campus grounds.

Hashtag Lunch Bag NYC


I have been homeless myself and I always wanted to feel as if someone cared about me. Sometimes things get hard but I just keep on keeping on. Even though the show is not about me, using the stimuli of fortitude I have gained to conquer homeless shelters, and the wisdom I have incurred about liquidity, I can avoid being homeless again and use my experiences to endeavor a positive impact on the unfortunate civilians in our society.

Hashtag Lunch Bag NYC

As we began packaging the snack bags, I was delighted to be lead by Melissa, because she has the experience to direct my peers and me to getting the job done. As we got out into the field there were times we saw homeless people just sleeping on the street, and my peers and I were sometimes uncertain as to what to do. However, Melissa was able to guide us and we just left bags right next to them.

Hashtag Lunch Bag NYC


This leads me into my most favored part of the event, which was witnessing the reaction from some of the civilians’ faces. Seeing their faces light up, and hearing their humble voices saying, “Yes, can I please have a sandwich?” That was my favorite part because it ensured that we were doing a great job; being able to reach people who were in need, and knowing that they really needed it. These are the facts that make these events so much better, and prosper.

Hashtag Lunch Bag NYC

Having a positive influence within the society is a very useful tool and attribute, no matter who you are. Berkeley Cares is a great initiative created by Berkeley College, and through this program, students like myself can make a difference within the world we live in.

These experiences can be beneficial to personal assignments for school. Also, adding these experiences to your professional portfolio is major. That is why I would advocate that students participate in a Berkeley Cares event. It is profitable to your future endeavors, and professional pursuits. Overall, Berkeley Cares is the most favored part in my Berkeley College experience and I highly appreciated partaking in the most recent Hashtag LunchBag Day.

Berkeley Cares

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