The New NBA Champions!!

If you didn’t hear by now, the San Antonio Spurs have won the 2014 NBA Championship! This marks the 5th franchise championship for the team. In an incredibly played game, the Spurs were able to beat the Miami Heat 104-87 final as they finished of their 4-1 series run. Not only was this a crushing blow for the Heat who looked to come back for a Three-Peat but the Spurs seemed to play very well as a team throughout all four quarters while LeBron James and other Heat players seemed to lose momentum as they game went on.

Congratulations are also in order for the 22-Year Old Spurs player Kawhi Leonard who nabbed the MVP award. He truly deserved it due to his consistency both offensively as well as on the defensive end. Tim Duncan who’s being speculated to be leaning towards retirement made a powerful impression on the fans of San Antonio by displaying his veteran skill against the league’s former champions.

This was a hard fought season for both teams but ultimately the taste of revenge for last year’s loss against the Heat seemed to fuel the Spurs!

Elijah “ADRENALIN” Johnson


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